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Saturday April 21st, 9:45am to 4.30pm at The Emmanuel Centre, Marsham Street, Westminster.

Get to know the events and meaning of Easter like never before. Christen has developed this day of fun and interactive teaching over the last few years and each time it just gets better.

Using game boards representing  key locations, a cast of over 70 stand up characters, modelling equipment and comprehensive notes: Christen integrates the four Gospels with Old Testament prophecy and secular history as together we build a photo journal of Jesus’ last week of His natural life.


New for 2018: Play…

The Bingo-based game that introduces the people that conspired against Jesus!

You’ll compete as individuals and tables for top prizes (OK, sweets and treats!)

and build up a picture portfolio of the key moments …

…using a complete new set of characters and all new modelling equipment, each table will stage and record the stations of the Cross and so much more.


We have permission to use and reproduce a new set of characters that are the copyright of Ian and Sue Coate of . (They are released under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International License)

Register Here!

This year we have properly bound notes which include the character images.

Please note the event is free to attend but you do need to register as places are limited. An offering will be taken on the day to cover costs.

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And keep an eye out for further details


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Christen Forster is widely recognised as an original Bible teacher who brings people into a love of and confidence in scripture.

Christen has planted churches, been a youth worker, mission administrator and church leaders. The author of several books, Christen is now an itinerant minister, helping churches to step into a more deliberately spiritual experience of the Christian life while at the same time firmly rooting their practice in scripture.

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