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Accessing Online Live and Interactive Teaching Session.

We use Skype for business to provide regular programmes to subscribed supporters and bespoke programmes to small groups and other bodies. The good news is you don’t need Skype for Business to access our live broadcast, all you need is a web-browser, but not Chrome I’m afraid, Internet Explorer, Edge, Firefox and Safari all work fine, though they all need a quick plug-in the first time you connect. Of course, if you are a Skype for Business user yourself you can use your Skype for Business client rather than a web browser.

On registering for an online programme, you will be sent an email with a link to be used to join the meeting at the appointed time. The link might look like this:

or it might simply be the full url as plain text, something like:

If Chrome is your default browser open a different browser and paste the link into the command/url field. Otherwise simply click the link when you are ready to join the meeting. You may find it useful to copy the URL into your calendar and set yourself reminder to click the link just before the scheduled start time.

The first time you subscribe to an online session you will need to add a plugin to your web browser. Follow the online instructions, it should only take a minute, you may need to restart your browser, (please note this app does not work with Chrome, see above).

When joining the meeting you will need to give a name to be identified by during the session. You will then see a screen something like this:

At the bottom of the screen you will see a number of control icons.

The three blue Icons are the basic controls that turn aspects your participation with the seminar off and  on!

  • The Camera button on the left, allows others to see your image when you speak or send an Instant message.
  • The Microphone will send sound from your PC into the main presentation. It is useful to mute yourself while things are being presented, and only turn your microphone on when there is a discussion.
  • The Screen with Arrow allows you to share files from your PC with others in the meeting.

For more on interacting in a meeting see the video here!

If you need more help please email us at:

Thanks and look forward to meeting you online.

PLEASE NOTE: LIVE SESSIONS ARE AVAILABLE TO PARTNERS ONLY!  We are building a two way dialogue, partners make a small gift and receive access and privileges to teaching and resources. If you are interested in partnering click here!



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