About the Jesus Centred Bible Project

JCB-Logo-3.pngChristen Forster is widely recognised as an original Bible teacher who brings people into a love of and confidence in scripture. In 2012 Christen decided to start regularly teach on how Jesus was uniquely presented by every book of both the Old and New Testaments. It was a subject that had dominated his personal Bible reading and study for over twenty years and its fruit was a hallmark of his fresh, non-religious teaching style. The Bible lives when we see Christ in its pages: Jesus is the logic that makes sense of different literary styles, languages, perspectives and contexts of scripture.

Colours in BibleBut the Jesus Centred Bible Project would be a more deliberate and focused programme of teaching, writing, recording, research and collaboration to pass on what Christen had discovered and learned and to eventually produce a “Jesus Centred Bible” an amplified-style study Bible that showed Jesus page-by-page and even line-by-line from Genesis to Revelation.


The long term aim is to produce a an amplified-style expanded study Bible that draws out every possible reference to Jesus and expands the meanings of prophecies and New Testament teachings to better explain Him.

But that is a lot of years away at the moment… But if you would like see how you can partner in the process, then click here.

In the process of teaching, Christen is transferring what he has seen out of his head and onto paper, first as presentation slides and notes, then as mini-books, e-books and audio teaching.

The Road Ahead- Step by Step.

September 2015- The Jesus Centred Life Course starts in Central London
- The free to attend Jesus Centred Bible Study starts in Wokingham,(details TBC)
October 2015- "Jesus in the Beginning" released on Kindle and iBook
November 2015- "Jesus in the Fathers" mini-book published.
December 2015- "Jesus Incarnate", interactive teaching session developed.
- Work started on "Jesus in the Great Escape" mini-book.
February 2016- Preparing material for "Seeing Jesus in Time and Place" week retreat @ Ashburnham.
Easter 2016- Refining and doing "Living the Last Week" at various churches and locations.
May 2016- Preparing material for "Seeing Jesus in Pre-eminent and Pre-Incarnate" week retreat @ Ashburnham
Summer 2016- Publish "Jesus in the Great Escape" mini-book.
- Kindle and iBook versions of "Jesus in the Fathers"

The Road So Far- Milestones on the Journey.

Autumn 2012- Taught Through the entire OT week by week with a small group from various churches at Frimley Green Methodists. This gave me a set of several hundred Power Point Slides to start refining.
Winter 2013- Started refining and overview session and delivering it one off at various churches.
- Started work on "Jesus in the Old Testament - An Introduction" mini-book.
Spring 2013- Taught right through the OT with the group in Frimley Green. Giving me a few hundred slides on the New Testament to refine.
Summer 2013- "Jesus in the Old Testament" mini-book published.
- Started re-teaching and refining the material that would become "Jesus in the Beginning"
Autumn 2013- Realising that I need funds to complete the "Jesus in the Beginning" we launched the Kickstarter project.
Winter 2014- "Jesus in the Beginning" Published
- Teaching various other JCB sessions in different churches and training programmes
Spring 2014- Started work on "Jesus in the Fathers" but pressures on finances was slowing down JCB work considerably.
Summer 2014- Several OT and NT sessions where shaping up from the existing rough slides.
- "Started to develop alternative learning style products to make the material more widely accessible.
Autumn 2014- A serious illness slowed the delivery of sessions right down. So started to work on the concepts and items to be put into the "Living the Last Week" course to promote for Lent 2015.
Winter 2015- First retreat week at Ashburnham. A week summarising the Meaning of Jesus life from the whole of the Bible. Piloted what would become "living the Last Week.
Spring 2015Delivering "Living the Last Week", continuing health issues brought a new focus to getting the JCB material devloped more quickly and the need to raise active partners.
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