The Shape of the five books of Moses

The first five books of the Bible are traditionally ascribed to Moses and while they reached their final form well after his death (they describe Moses’ death and use place and month names from later periods of history), they also contain some of the most ancient texts in existence, perhaps from Moses’ own hand and stylus. They are called the Torah or the Pentateuch.

The table below summarises their theological themes and focuses and the mojor ways they reveal and anticipate Jesus.

The Torah/Pentateuch

The Book:




The Focus:
A Promised Seed



Participants (Pilgrim Soldiers)

The Sections:
A) Primeaval History
Chapters 1-11
The Fall, Flood and Babel ...
The Cross, Resurrection and Pentecost.

A) Saved From:
Chapters 1-18
God acts by grace (freely) for man.

A) God-ward
Chapters 1-16
Deal with sin and satisfy (soothe) God

A) The Journey so far
Chapters 1-21
From Red Sea to the river Jordan

A) Review of the Past
Chapters 1-11

B) Present Possibilities
Chapters 12-26
B)The Fathers and the Family
Chapters 12-50
Receiving and preserving the promises and purpose of the coming seed.
B) Saved For:
Chapters 19-40
Man freely (by grace) lives with God.
B) Man-ward
Chapters 17-27
Live in freedom.
B) Looking Forward
Chapters 22-36
Preparing to arrive in the Promised Land
C) Future Prospects
Chapters 27-34
See Jesus In:
- The days of creation
- The Woman's Seed
- Abel's sacrifice
- The mark on Cain
- Melchizadek
- Isaac's Offering
- Jacob's Prophecy
- Joseph's Ascension
- Judah's Posterity

- The Offices of Moses
- The Passover Lamb
- The Burning Bush
- Manna
- Living Water
- The Tabernacle

- The Priests
- The Five Sacrifices
- The Day of Atonement
- Atoning Blood
- Hidden message about Jesus' Blood in verse about the 'Greatest Priest'.
- The Festivals

- In the camping arrangements of the people
- in Joshua the son of Nun
- Aaron's miracles
- The Bronze Serpent
- A star from Jacob
- the releasing death of the High Priest.

- The meditations referenced by Jesus in the gospels.
- The promised prophet like Moses
- The curse of the man hung on a Cross
- The divine identity of 'Joshua' who will lead the people into promise
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