Christen Fosters’ Recommended Readings

I’ve been researching and studying how Scripture reveals Jesus for over 25 years now. Below I’ve added a list of really good books on key questions on the history and understanding of Christ in all the Bible for those that want persue their own study deeper.

you won’t have to agree with everything in any and certainly not in all of these books, but they all contained stretching and illuminating information that have shaped my understanding of Jesus the man of History and Christ the eternal communication of a Good God.




A M HodgkinChrist in all the ScripturesThis was the book that first got me researching this subject. It is classic everyone should have read.
Harold W Hoehner.Chronological Aspects of the Life of ChristAnother classic, this one set the scene for me in locking the New Testament stories into a historical social context. I still follow most of Hoehners conclusions (with the exception of the date of Jesus Birth) even though I draw from more modern research to come to the same/similar conclusions.
John WenhamThe Easter EnigmaBuilding on the appreciation of the socio-historical context I got from Hoehner, this book first demonstrated the power of presenting technical research in a narrative format.
John WenhamRedating Matthew, Mark and LukeThis is more typical of John Wenhams writing, highly technical, but grist to the mill in developing a narrative approach to Bible teach. John demonstrates that the synoptic gospels better fit early eye-witness authorship than late redactor theories of origins.
Michael MolnarThe Legacy of the MagiA fantastic piece of secular detective work on the dating of Jesus Birth using ancient astrological texts to fix in the events with Magi.
Joachim JeremiasThe Parables of JesusAnother Classic, this book first helped me understand the broadcast subtlety of Jesus preaching style which was more interested in drawing the hearer forward than in making a single point for the speaker.
Colin HumphriesThe Mystery of the Last SupperA theological book that was reviewed in Nature magazine for it's groundbreaking science. This is the book that finally concluded the argument on the dating of the crucifixion for me beyond reasonable doubt.
Jeff BennerThe Ancient Hebrew Lexicon of the BibleThis is not a book to read cover to cover but without it's unpacking of the philosophy of ancient Hebrew words and the connection to their original pictographic alphabet I would never have been able to find so many cryptic references to Jesus in the Old Testament.



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