Jesus in Context


This series was taught as part of my open sessions in Cookham, unfortunately the first two sessions failed to record properly, but I’m redoing them online, so the material will eventually all be available….

But you’ll enjoy watching the sessions as stand alone teachings too. Just click the links below…

Jesus in Context, Session 1: God the Word in Words

Jesus in Context Session 2: The End of Days and Messianic Thinking

Jesus in Context: Session 3.1 The first World Religion

Jesus in Context: Session 3.2 Exile, YHWH in the Nations

Jesus in Context: Session 4 – The Second Temple Era

Christen Forster

Christen Forster is widely recognised as an original Bible teacher who brings people into a love of and confidence in scripture.

Christen has planted churches, been a youth worker, mission administrator and church leaders. The author of several books, Christen is now an itinerant minister, helping churches to step into a more deliberately spiritual experience of the Christian life while at the same time firmly rooting their practice in scripture.

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