The Shape of the Old Testament

There are two streams or sides to the Old Testament that extend like arms to the left and right of a central block, a block of five books that we call the “Wisdom” books. These two arms represent the “Apostlic” and the “Prophetic” in the Old Testament. The Apostles were/are the people God sent/sends to do something; The Prophets come with a message. So there’s a connection between these two arms and Luke’s description of the Gospel as the things that Jesus “did and taught”, you can explore that theme a bit more by clicking this link.But returning to the shape of the Old Testament as it has come to us, it looks something like this:
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The Old Testament, 39 books.

The Kingly Anointing
The Priestly Anointing
The Prophetic Anointing
The Apostolic Stream, 17 books
5 Books of Wisdom

The Prophetic Stream, 17 books
5 books of Moses

12 books about Leaders
5 books by Major Prophets

12 books by Minor Prophets
Pre-Exile, 9 booksPost-Exile, 3 booksPre-Exile, 9 booksPost-Exile, 3 books

Joshua, Judges, Ruth,
1 Samuel, 2 Samuel,
1 Kings, 2 Kings,
1 Chronicles, 2 Chronicles.
Ezra, Nehemiah, Esther.Job,
Song of Songs.
Hosea, Joel, Amos,
Obadiah, Jonah, Micah,
Nahum, Habakkuk,
Haggai, Zechariah, Malachi.

As this website develops, this overview will become a link into other overviews of parts of Scripture.

Now interestingly you can see the three Messianic anointings in these three section. The Kingly in the leadership of the Apostolic stream and the Prophetic is obviously in the Prophets. But The Wisdom books embody the Priestly functions too; worship in Psalms, Instruction and Teaching in Ecclesiastes and Proverbs, identifying with and ministering to suffering and loss in Job, while celebrating marriage, life and love in the Song of Songs.

As Prophet, Priest and King Jesus fulfilled the Old Testament fully.



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  1. Sir, i must commend you for the work done here,in fact i have never seen the scripture in this light of this Revelation before.
    may God grant you grace for more works thank you it has helped me understand things i do not know before.

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