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London School 2017-18

The 2017-2018 school, at the Emmanuel Centre, Westminster, (Download directions)  will consist of the nine monthly Saturdays spread across the academic terms with three sessions per term plus an extra Saturday just after Easter on which we run a new version of the Passion Week walk-through across a single day!

Dates for the year are: 30 Sep 2017, 21 Oct 2017, 25 Nov 2017,13 Jan 2018, 10 Feb 2018, 17 Mar 2018,21 April 2018 (Passion Week Walkthough), 19 May 2018, 9 June 2018, 7 July 2018.

On the nine regular Saturdays:

The Wisdom Stream: will explore every phase of Jesus’ life from pre-birth to ascension. The Gospel accounts will be harmonised and fitted into the events of secular history to build a compelling story that draws on the prophetic, social and historical context of Jesus’ life. The session notes will build together into an invaluable resource.

The Wisdom stream will be broken into two parts with a short break between them to allow consolidation of thought, discussion and of course coffee!

The Character StreamWill continue to use the Heart Life indicator and report  (www.heartlifeindicator.com) , as we look to Jesus for inner transformation.  This year there will also be notes available to take away from each session. These will include some optional activities to put into practice. The second part of the year will make more deliberate use of activity/experience based learning.

The Favour Stream: Will  draw together lessons from the previous two streams in a reflective-feedback and worship context. We will look to draw in help for this session to  facilitate discussion and participant feedback and input as well as giving space for quiet personal reflection.


The Passion Week Walkthrough:

Together we will walk through every incident and encounter of Jesus’ last week before His death and all the way through the resurrection appearances!

JCB Interactive game board in use

Get to know the key characters and locations as you engage with the Easter story in a new way. As the story unfolds, track the movements of the characters step by step, location by location, on an interactive game board.

We will discover how the apparent discrepancies in each of the Gospels actually fit together to build a more living narrative than any one account could give us. We will discover who all the unexplained people are, why there are so many Marys, why Jesus bothered to appear to obscure Clopasand his friend on the road to Emmaus and lots more.

There will be detailed notes available too!

In 2017-2018 we will aim to video stream and record every session as well as audio record it, so those that have booked for the year need never miss content.


JCL Wisdom Curriculum 2017-2018


Wisdom Stream Programme

Session Details

30 Sep 2017  1

The Witnesses and the Early Church Community.

This session sets up the way in which we will integrate material, highlighting the eyewitness credentials in all four gospels, and the testimony of the Early Church to the authors and their perspectives. We will give this perspective precedence over modern theories, so need to explore how modern research is bringing the traditional view back into consideration.

21 Oct 2017
The Gospels get written.

Building on the evidence presented in the first session we will fit the development of the Gospels into the story and history of Acts. This is a much earlier time frame than is often presented but it explains far more as we see the interplay of the Gospels with each other, with the rest of the New Testament, and with secular history.

25 Nov 2017   3

The Birth of Jesus and John the Baptist

The birth narratives will be matched with the testimony of secular history. To create a very real and vivid adventure, played out at the crossroads of the ancient world.

13 Jan 2018



The Chronology and Shape of Jesus’ ministry years.

Demonstrating the story in the meta-narrative, noting the changes in style and practice as Jesus’ ministry grows, multiplies and explodes before its climax in Jerusalem. Each phase of ministry will be explored in more detail in the following sessions.

10 Feb 2018



Jesus with John.

A more detailed look at the Baptism, early training and exploratory start to Jesus’ ministry before John’s arrest. A period of 9 mths to a year (mid 29 AD to mid 30 AD).

17 Mar 2018



Jesus around Galilee.

A more detailed look at the first phase and tours of Jesus’ Galilean based ministry before John the Baptist’s execution.

19 May 2018



Jesus’ Sermon’s.

Looking at the shape and content of Jesus early teaching, the Sermon on the Mount and on the Plain, the missions sermon, the Kingdom parables.

9 June 2018



Jesus’ Wider Ministry in the North.

Following controversy and John’s execution, Jesus’ ministry moves outside the town centres and the authority of Herod, but it remains in the north around Galilee.

7 July  2018



Jesus in the South.

All four Gospels refer to Jesus’ deliberate decision to focus the last 9 months of his ministry in Judea rather than Galilee. Here he sends out 72.  Jesus is constantly on the move. 

Passion Week Walkthrough  – One day Special!     –  21 April 2018
Jesus in Jerusalem.

Covering and harmonising Jesus’ last week before his trial and execution.

Jesus on trial.

A detailed analysis of the phases of Jesus’ arrest, pre-trial discovery, trail before the Sanhedrin, Herod then Pilate, Sentencing.  

The Cross, Resurrection and Ascension.

A complete harmony of events often considered too complicated to resolve.

Character Stream Programme


Session Details
30 Sep 2017



Using the Heartlife Indicator.

In this foundation session, we will introduce the online tool – the Heartlife indicator – we will illustrate its model from scripture and take time to match it to our own behaviours in practice and in ideal. Following this session participants will receive a link to take part in the Heartlife survey, reports will be used from session 3 onwards.  

21 Oct 2017



Why do I do what I do?

We will look at the interplay of our inner lives with our behaviour from the point of view of modern psychology and motivational hormones.

25 Nov 2017



Heart desires and Life story 

We will look at the importance of the broad narrative that shapes our life and learn how to articulate and be grateful for it and the things that really make us tick.

13 Jan 2018



The Rhythms of Love.

Love God, love others as you love yourself. We will look at the cycle and dimensions of love and identify the different stages of this fundamental choice and emotion.

10 Feb 2018



Self-deception and misshapen identity.

We will explore, with the help of the Holy Spirit, the self-deceptions we each fall into and look for personal revelation of our unique story in Christ.

17 Mar 2018



The Upward Call and Plan of God.

We will explore God’s unchanged plan for the Holy Spirit to produce Jesus’ life through ours. Looking at how the Spirit works with our spirits and psychology to produce, cover and develop things in us.

19 May 2018



Money, Sex and Power.

We look at God’s original intentions in the flow of value, fruitfulness and authority and address their fallen counterparts in us and the culture we are salt and light in.

9 June 2018



Sowing our bread and Eating our seed.

A practical foundation to developing a generous heart and a generous eye. Where our treasure is our heart follows.

7 July  2018



Habits that encourage personal growth.

Pulling the learning of the previous weeks together to build new life patterns.. 

A Typical Day!


        • 9:30             : Doors open for Coffee and Registration
        • 9:45 – 11:00  : Character / Heart thread: Be transformed by Christ in                          you!
        • Coffee break
        • 11:15 – 12:30: Wisdom / Head thread : Jesus Centred bible teaching –                        See the Word in the Word!  (part 1)
        • 12:30 – 1:30 : Lunch Break – Bring your own or use nearby shop/cafe
        • 1:30 – 2.15   : Wisdom / Head thread : Jesus Centred bible teaching                           (Part 2)
        • Coffee break
        • 2.30 – 3:30  : Favour / Hand thread : The fruit of a life in step with the                      commission on it!
        • Finish around 3:30-3:45pm.

Note:  On 21st April it will be an extended day until 5pm and it will all be devoted to the step by step interactive walk-through of the events of Passion Week.


Tickets are £12.50 online in advance for each day or £15 on the door … but there are special rates for booking a term or year in advance!  

However if you aren’t sure about committing up front now, come on September 30th and if you decide you would like to do the whole year you can just pay the difference for the special full year rate!

(If you need to cancel a booking we can refund more than 7 days in advance but will need to retain £5  to cover admin costs).


To find out more about ‘Jesus Centred Life’ visit our website http://jesuscentred.org/e/jcl/ 

Hope to see you there and please let your friends know about it!


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The What? and Why? of the Jesus Centred Life Course!

Over two millennia Christianity has expressed itself in different forms and institutions, the one thing they all have in common is the centrality of the life of Jesus, the full Word (or message) of the Creator made flesh and knowable by and in His creation.


The “Jesus Centred Life” is a series of teaching days to strengthen Christ in us and us in Christ:

The circumference and the centre, the focus and the fringe, of our faith.

The sessions will re-focus our perceptions of Jesus, in life; in the Bible; and in the world around us.

  • They will stretch our knowledge and understanding of the Man of History and Prophecy; and of the Christ over all Creation.
  • They will help us apply Jesus’ mission and message to all spheres of personal, community, civic and social life.
  • Run over three monthly Saturdays per academic term The Jesus Centred Life will reflect the dimensions of Jesus’ own growth from child to adult in the three threads described in Luke 2:52 – Wisdom, Character and Favour!
  • The Wisdom Thread: Jesus can be found on almost every single page of the Bible, both Old and New Testaments, in hidden words and Hebrew spellings, in prophecies and types, in people and events and in the meta-narratives and themes of sub-sections and books. Each month the main morning session will draw on material from The Jesus Centred Bible Project to show us The Word in the Word.
  • The Character Thread: Christ in you will change you. Month by Month those that have signed on for the term or the year will work through the HeartLife model and programme for inner transformation in a closed and more private session (see below) with Christen Forster.
  • The Favour Thread: Favour is the fruit of grace on a life in step with the commission on it, so the favour thread will look at the application of Jesus’ mission and message to all spheres of personal, community, civic and social life with space to explore our own calling and response to each sphere. exploring how we can engage the Pre-Christian, post-Christian and even anti-Christian cultures with both grace and truth.
The Jesus Centred Life is made up of 9 /10 full day sessions per year split across the three academic terms. Each year the curriculum will follow a similar pattern but with slightly modified sessions allowing participants to add layer on layer to their understanding. Each session can be booked individually, either online or on the door but we really want to build with a core group of participants, the HeartLife programme builds towards a 32 page personalised report so obviously those who attend the majority of these sessions will get the best benefit from the report. (NB: The HeartLife programme can be started at the beginning of any term as the sessions will roll over from year to year).
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