Prophesy, Faith, Failure, Election and Selection in the individuals and families in Jesus’ Ancestry

house 2The New Testament gives us two genealogies for Jesus. One shows the kingly line of descent through David to Jesus’ adoptive father Joseph. This gives Jesus the right to the throne David. The other shows Jesus connection to David through his mothers family, the ancestors are less auspicious but none-the-less give Jesus a real genetic connection to David the prototype of the messiah to come, a man who was a king, a priest and a porophet.

So of course, the Old Testament is peppered with people played a part in bringing Jesus into the world. And in their stories we find prophecies, typologies, hidden truths and even simply the challenge to bring about the next generation so key to the Father’s plans for salvation.

The posts below are all connected to the revelation we find in Jesus’ extended household.

Hope in Egypt – Ram and Amminadab

We have been processing through how Jesus' ancestors produced an incredible prediction of Jesus' actions and meaning, and in the last post we got through to the last names recorded ...
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Jesus – the name of the King in Ruth

The book of Ruth, like the first book of Samuel, joins the period when Israel was a tribal family, the age of the Judges, to the period when they where ...
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Jesus in Abram, Isaac and Jacob

OK the title is a bit misleading, as I'm only considering the names "Abram", "Isaac" and "Jacob"... their stories make up 3/4 of the book of Genesis... and Jesus appears ...
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Jesus life in his ancestors: God to Kenan

It was way back when I first noticed that if you translated the names of Jesus' ancestors you got descriptions that sounded very much like his earthly life. I first ...
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Jesus’ Friends and Family Quiz

This is not one of those quizes that everyone finds easy... but stick with it till the end, there are explanations and answers. How much do you know about the ...
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Judah, Perez, Hezron and salvation by faith.

This post will bring the series I have been posting on the prophetic implications of Jesus Ancestor’s names right up to the end of Genesis. But the prophecy doesn't stop ...
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Judgement or Grace, the prophecy hidden in Enoch’s heirs.

This post is part of a series, see Jesus' life in his ancestors and The glory descends. In these last two posts we looked at standard meanings for the names ...
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Qualities of Jesus in his ancestors names – part 1

This is the fifth in the series of posts unpacking the prophecy of Jesus hidden in the names of his forebears. In the last post,"The fame of the healer" we ...
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Some extra thoughts on Terach and his family.

Ok we are slowly getting there, this is post six in the series (see the first here) ... by the end of post eight we will have got through every ...
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The Fame of the Healer

This is the fourth installment in the post series on the prophecies hidden in the names of Jesus' ancestors. In the previous three posts we made it down to Noah, ...
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The Glory of God descends to dedicate a teacher.

(This is a follow up post to Jesus life in his ancestors). In the last post we explored a couple of way of reading the names of Jesus' ancestors from ...
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The Scarlet Thread

Over the years I remember hearing people make reference to "The Scarlet Thread" or  "The Crimson Cord" and I picked up that the image was used as a motif for ...
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