Living The Life – Homepage

Living the Life is a growing video resource complete with notes and a chronological “integrated” text (that tells the complete story of Jesus using just the words of the Gospels) which is in turn drawn from the growing JCV (Jesus Centred Version) translation of the Bible.

Living the Life is made up of three sub-series: Living the Birth and Early Years, Living the Ministry Years and Living the Last Week.

Between them, these three series will tell the whole story of Jesus from prophetic, theological and historical perspectives.

Video will be released weekly on YouTube from the end of September 2019.

As the series develops and appears on YouTube, this home page will grow and develop to guide you to downloads, additional resources and materials, supplementary video. 

To watch the latest teaching videos and to download the latest resources click the manual (left) or visit the Living the Ministry Years home page! 

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