Jesus Centred Life Course

The Jesus Centred Life Course is a rolling cost effective and flexible way to grow in you knowledge and experience of Jesus. The Course material can be accessed in three different ways:

The London School provides the heartbeat and focus of the Jesus Centred Life Teaching. Taking place one Saturday a month a few minutes walk from the Houses of Parliament and Westminster Tube Station and with free weekend parking, participants come in from as far away as Dorset and Cambridge.
London Skyline

But from September 2016, Christen will be adding a new layer of teaching provided locally (Maidenhead/Cookham) but specifically recorded to become the backbone of an online school for those that can’t make Central London once a month.

google-localThe Local programme is free to attend for anyone close enough to come. Over three 10 week terms Christen will start to teach through the life of Jesus fully drawing on the Old Testament/prophetic background of every event, harmonising and ordering the events fitting them into a human narrative that makes powerful sense of the Life of Jesus. These midweek local teaching events will be split into two halves and the parts recorded.

OnlineThe backbone of the Online School will be weekly broadcast of these recordings that can be accessed by subscription at any time. In addition the audio recordings will be posted from the London School sessions along with other resources. Subscribers will also be able to ask questions to be addressed in a live response broadcast by Christen and request participation in ad hoc small-group discussions with Christen.

Please note that participation in the London School includes the Online subscription and subscribers may participate in the London Sessions by request.

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