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ladder 2In many ways typology is the foundational Christian theological framework for understanding the Old Testament, of course since the reformation there has been a focus on exegesis for assesing the meaning of both Testaments, exegesis attempts to understand a passage by asking what did the original writer want to convey to their original hearers. But the early church and even the New Testament writers themselves tended to see the stories, poetry and history of the Old Testament Typologically.

In broad terms typology is a means of interpreting the Bible whereby an image, idea, or truth found in the New Testament is pre-figured or modelled by an incident, item or person in the Old. While the Type is often simple and one-dimensional, they often build with others to more roundly represent the Antitype, the eternal truth more clearly presented by the New Testament.

Jesus of course is the most important antitype in the Bible. There are literally hundreds of types that between them reflect the multifacetted nature of who he is and what he has done.

I use this image of Jacobs ladder in posts that cover types of all kinds. These posts are gathered together below.


Samson – whose greatest victory was his death.

This is the final post in the series of seven on how the seven national saviours in the Book of Judges together promise Jesus, the ultimate world Savior (click to ...
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Jephtha's Daughter by George Hicks

Jephthah – fulfilled vows and family tragedy!

The Bible is always brutally honest about its heroes (and of course its villans), often more honest than we feel comfortable with for Sunday School picture books... so I didn't ...
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Victories to the king, loyalty for the Messiah in Psalm 18

I've decided I ought to run a mini series on the 8 Messianic Psalms, the ones where the Messiah is addressed directly (actually the Messiah is only in 7 of ...
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Gideon – a fine fella’

Gideon's story is a more involved one than any of the saviour-judges we have looked at so far in this series. Gideon's victory leads to the first call for a ...
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Shamgar – turns an insult into a symbol of power.

For the fourth post in this series tracing the way the seven saviour-judges of Israel prefigure Jesus, The Saviour-Judge. We go back in time to Shamgar, the man who inspired ...
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Deborah, the first prophet in the promised land

This is the third post in a mini-series tracing the way the seven saviour-judges of Israel prefigure Jesus, The Saviour-Judge. YHWH told Moses about a prophet who would come after him, ...
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Jeremiah as a type of Jesus

While the Bible doesn't explicitly recognise Jeremiah as a type of Christ there are some very clear ways in which his ministry and pain pre-figures Jesus'. In fact the rabbis ...
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The implications of Psalm 2 on Jesus’ baptism prophecy

When Jesus is baptised by his cousin John the crowds heard a role of thunder but Jesus and John heard words spoken from heaven. A prophetic declaration that shaped Jesus’ ...
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Ehud the lefty and Eglon the hefty!

This is the second post in a mini-series tracing the way the seven saviour-judges of Israel prefigure Jesus, The Saviour-Judge. In the middle of the 14th Century BC, the Southern ...
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Othniel wins a bride and releases springs of water

So this is the first proper post on a mini-series on how the 7 saviour-judges (from the full list of 12) prefigure Jesus, even in their imperfections and at a ...
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The Scarlet Thread

Over the years I remember hearing people make reference to "The Scarlet Thread" or  "The Crimson Cord" and I picked up that the image was used as a motif for ...
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The Cross breathed through Scripture

The roots, shoots and fruits of the א-apleh ת-tav. The first, the last, the biggest sacrifice on a cross. For something written on the same subject see Jesus, first and ...
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Jesus leads the people through the Red Sea and they sing “He is risen risen!”

In Exodus 14, the people are between a rock and a hard place, or more literally they are between Pharaoh's army and the Red Sea. Moses steps forward and shouts ...
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The complete history of Jesus’ ministry in Joseph’s story.

The Sci-fi writer and gnostic theologiser Philip K Dick once helped an African man in a petrol station, I dont know the details of the encounter, but there was something ...
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Moses and the prophet like him!

Both the Old and New Testaments spell out that there is a typological connection between Moses and Jesus. So Moses says -“The LORD thy God will raise up for you ...
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Absalom, a son of David and a type of Christ.

There are many folks who will tell you a type of Christ is only a type of Christ if the Bible explicitly tells you it is. I don't share this ...
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A Three-dimensional view of the Cross in the Foundations of the Priesthood

The First five books of the Bible are collectively referred to as the Torah by Jewish communities and as the Pentateuch by the Christian church since the term was first ...
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Joshua and the day of Jesus’ greatest victory.

The Old Testament leader Joshua is called “Jesus” in the King James version of the New Testament, (see Acts 7:45 and Hebrews 4:8). Technically Joshua, (Hebrew “Yhowshua”) is a more ...
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Living-Promise Multi-God

Writing the JCB booklet is a part of a bigger project to create a translation of the Bible and a study Bible that expands and annotates the text to show ...
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