The Shape of the Wisdom Books

In the order the Old Testament has come to us, there are five books that make up a sub-section we refer to as the Wisdom books. It sits at the very middle of the Old Testament, like a head and shoulders from which the two arms of the Apostles and the Prophets  spring to the left and right. [sg_popup id=8]
Wisdom books
Quick overview!

You can read more on how the Wisdom books embody the teachings of Jesus here.

The table below summarizes the Wisdom books in order with a high level view of how Jesus appears in each.






Song of Solomon

How to SufferHow to WorshipHow to LiveHow to ThinkHow to Love
>Shows/Anticipates Jesus in/as...
  • Job as a 'type', an innocent man who suffers as part of a spiritual battle.

  • As God who lifts the humble and those that mourn, 4v11.

  • Job's need for an umpire/judge that can understand both God and Man's perspectives, 9v15, 32-35, 10v4-6. Incarnation

  • The name YSHUA hidden in a description of the human-divine mediator who understands death, 13v15-16.Crucifixion

  • The need for a resurrection for both justice and renewal, 14v13-17. Resurrection

  • The revelation that Job's advocate is currently/will be in Heaven, 16v18-22. Ascension
  • The Messiah as 'My Son', Psalm 2

  • The Holy one who doesn't undergo decay in death, 16v10

  • The name YSHUA hidden in a Psalm describing a return from the grips of death, Psalm 18

  • A description of the Cross, Psalm 22
  • 'The Lord, my Light, my Jesus', Psalm 27

  • Hidden phrase 'Jesus Messiah' in 'Salvation of the Annointed'

  • Too many references to mention here...
  • As Wisdom personified, described as...

  • A tree of life, 3v18.

  • As eternally anointed/established, 8v23

  • Begotten not created, 8v23

  • Active in creation, 8v22-31

  • As a house builder, (note Jesus note only builds his church, his profession, a 'Tekton' was more a builder than a chair-maker), 9v1, 24v3

  • a table setter who invites us eat her food and drink her wine, 9v5
  • As the 'Preacher, the Son of David', 1v1,2,12 etc

  • Jesus' teaching found scattered through the book, see 7v2, 8-9

  • The 'One Shepherd'
  • As the 'Bridegroom'...

  • whose arrival is marked with 'Gold', 'Frankincense' and 'Myrrh', 3v6+10.

  • whose unquenchable love for His bride is as strong as death, His jealousy for her a match for the grave.


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