Jeremiah as a type of Jesus


jeremiah-wellWhile the Bible doesn’t explicitly recognise Jeremiah as a type of Christ there are some very clear ways in which his ministry and pain pre-figures Jesus’. In fact the rabbis saw Jeremiah as the suffering servant prophesied by Isaiah. He is also considered to be the third most important Prophet in Hebrew history after Ezekiel and Isaiah, and in fact he wrote more than both of them put together.

In this post I want to list a large number of small moments and details that look very much like Jesus, but we mustn’t forget the big picture too. Jeremiah went through a “death and resurrection” experience when he was put down a well and then rescued, he also suffered a judgement (deportation to Egypt) that he had predicted even though he had not participated in the activity that brought it about.

The table below lists 14 experiences in Jeremiah’s life that are parallelled in Jesus’.

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Jeremiah 1:5Both where known before they where conceived.Luke 1:31
Jeremiah 1:5Both where called from the womb.Luke 1:42-43
Jeremiah 1:7Both knew the Father's call before they reached adulthood.Luke 2:42-49
Jeremiah 13:17Both wept over Jerusalem, for its impending judgement.Luke 19:41
Jeremiah 29:26Both where accused of being mad.John 10:20
Jeremiah 29:27Both where accused of self promotion.John 8:53
Jeremiah 20:7Both were mockedLuke 18:32, Matthew 27:31, Luke 22:63
Jeremiah 20:10Both had what they said scrutinized to be used against them.Luke 11:53-54
Jeremiah 26:11 Both where declared "worthy of death" by corrupt priests.Matthew 26:65-66
Jeremiah 18:23Both had their deaths plotted against themJohn 11:53
Jeremiah 19:7-8Both Prophesied the fall of Jerusalem Luke 21:24
Jeremiah 8:13Jeremiah gives "No Figs on the fig tree" as a sign of impending loss, Jesus acts out the sign.Matthew 21:19
Jeremiah 7:34Both prophesied the disappearance of the a bridegroomLuke 5:35
Jeremiah 11:19Both where "led like a lamb to the slaughter"Isaiah 53:7 - speaking about Christ

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