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A fantastic resource for teachers, disciple-ers and leaders that will reveal Jesus in detail you will not have seen before!

bible heartAccess a growing resource of video, audio and written material designed to teach, coach and equip individuals, groups and churches in the both the immanence and the transcendence of Jesus, the life located at the heart of history and the Christ who fills all eternity.

Individuals and Small Groups… That are looking to stretch their understanding of Jesus can access this growing base of teaching through a simple subscription service (£3/month). Subscribers also receive special offers on books, retreats and other benefits.

Those looking to grow in their teaching gift and those who want to become part of the Jesus Centred teaching team… can join the more personal and interactive development and coaching programme (£10/month).  Participants in this programme benefit from two live and two-ways sessions each month, online dialogue, downloadable notes, group activities and presentation files for use in their own programmes. They will also have access to live coaching days.

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Both of these online programmes will be built on a large back-catalogue of teaching, but new video and audio will be added every week following through the whole life of Jesus, integrating and contrasting each of the four gospels and adding the Old Testament and Historical context to our understanding of each event.

We’re not quite ready to register subscribers just yet, but please register your interest below to qualify for pre-launch discounts and special offers and we will be in touch as soon as things start to go online.

Planned Broadcast Start date: Monday 26th of September 2016.

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