Christen Forster

CF TeachingChristen Forster is widely recognised as an original Bible teacher who brings people into a love of and confidence in scripture.

The son of Roger and Faith Forster, the first few years of Christen’s life were spent travelling between missions and Bible Schools across Europe until his parents planted the Ichthus Christian Fellowship in 1973.

At the age of 15 Christen was diagnosed with an extensive non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma. Christen was diagnosed on the first day of the Spring Harvest Easter conference in 1982. Given just months to live, tens of thousands of delegates prayed for him over Easter while his church elders went into the hospital to pray for him. The cancer disappeared over night and a special meeting of consultants was called to discuss his case. As a result doctors added this prayer to his medical records as an environmental factor in a case they could not explain.

Christen has planted churches, been a youth worker, mission administrator and church leader. He is the author of several books. Since April 2022, Christen has been leader of Kings Church Wokingham. Alongside this role he has an itinerant ministry, helping churches to step into a more deliberately spiritual experience of the Christian life while at the same time firmly rooting their practice in Scripture.

In 2012 he decided to start collating and organising over twenty years of personal research and study into the revelation of Jesus in the Bible for publication in various formats.

This web site is a slow growing part of what has become the “Jesus Centred Bible Project”. In time it is intended that we will have produced a full compliment of written resources and new media products.

If you would be interested in talking to Christen with a view to developing a Jesus Centred teaching programme in your area please email him at

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