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  1. Christen, I distributed many of your books in Zambia a few months ago. I will be taking more out next year. There is only one thing I would have concerns about. The paleo hebrew extracted meanings. Do have a look at the video by Michael Brown who really is a Hebrew expert let me know what you think. this is what I have circulated to various contacts Some of you may have heard about this pictographic Hebrew fad… this may help. Let me know what you think and do pass it on.
    Hebrew letters …original meaning.
    Is there no end to the ingenious attempts to spice up the Bible by inventing all types of crazy interpretations. In recent times there wa…
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    1. Hi John,

      Apologies that I didn’t notice your comment until now, and now I’m in the middle of Christmas preparations. But as a quick response.

      The blog post seeems to be an over reaction to what is percieved (probably correctly) as people making more of thesee lettr meaning than they should… you’ll notice in the books that I argue they are not the basis of our understanding but a nice confirmation to those with ears to hear…

      That said the blog overstates it’s reaction… the understanding of the letters in YHWH is not as arbitrary at the letters in SHOP it is the result of scholarship which is on-going but is which was not constructed to create these meanings… the letter name Waw/Wav/Vav still means ‘hook’ or ‘peg’ (as in tent-peg) in Hebrew and as ancient hebrew words cover multiple modern variants, the tent-peg is also nail. He does mean ‘Behold’ as in ‘Look at’ see Isaiah 7:14.

      Further the Hebrew Bible is full of word play … in fact Psalm 78 declares that it is communicating in ‘ancient puzzles’, and if it is inspired you have to ask would the Holy Spirit not have realised how a word might be read by an ancient world that saw deeper meaning in letters and words than the modern mind does.

      One of the things I have noticed is that there is a growing divide between those that have learnt Hebrew from the later Masoretic texts backwards and those that have approached it from the most ancient ‘grafitti’ forwards, the latter give a lot more acknowledgment to the origins of the protosiniatic text in images taken from Hieroglyphs where the images always represented more than just a sound.

      I was encouraged to do the book series by Bible translator Dr Brian Simmons who read a short book I had self published previously as he commented that while these word plays aren’t conclusive proof … he believed they were often deliberate.

      As a result I show people what is there, not to convince them but to convey the multilayered way in which scripture speaks via the Holy Spirit.

      Hope this is a helpful answer.

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