Multi-unity and the Divinity of the Messiah

trinity 2We see plurality in God in the very first verse of the Bible, along with a hidden title for God that is used of Jesus in the last book of the Bile, Revelation. But less obvious are verses, titles and roles that the Old Testament reserves for God that the New Testament assigns to Jesus.

The posts below all demonstrate the divinity of the Messiah and other roles assigned to Jesus by his nature, eternity and co-authority with God.


Father, Son and Holy Spirit in Isaiah 63.

The Old Testament uses several words and names for God and many of them have connections to Jesus (YHWH) and ...
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Jesus the Holy One of Israel in the midst of Isaiah 12

I have to confess I keep putting off writing posts based on the big books, Psalms, Isaiah and Jeremiah... mostly ...
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Jesus life in his ancestors: God to Kenan

It was way back when I first noticed that if you translated the names of Jesus' ancestors you got descriptions ...
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Jesus First and Last

In Revelation, Jesus appears to John calling himself "the Alpha and the Omega, the first and the last", Rev 22:13 ...
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