Writing Schedule

The list below is current status of development for the planned 24 books in the Jesus Centred schedule. There is a developing process behind the production of each title, for the last few years I (Christen Forster) have been teaching the material regularly, as I have taught it I have produced first a presentation and then notes to go with the course module. Transcripts of the course recordings are being produced which I will then use alongside the presentation and notes to produced a more polished and thorough book.

Each proposed book is listed by:

  • The working title (these may change)
  • A  star ranking representing the state of the course material, notes and transcripts.
    • * = Presentation and notes exist
    • ** = Presentation and notes at a mature stage.
    • *** = Presentation recording has been transcribed for writing
  • A rough date for book writing to start
  • A rough target date for the physical book launch.

At present, the table below list books planned to start in 2017.

Working TitleSource Course StatusPlanned start date for writing.Planned publication date.
Jesus in Worship***StartedAugust 2017
Existing title revised
N/AJuly 2017October 2017
Jesus in the Age of the Judges**August 2017November/December 2017
Jesus' Story gets told and spread. **November 20172018
Jesus' Birth and childhood**November 20172018
Jesus in the Major Prophets*2018TBC
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