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Sept 17 Poster

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It’s a new academic year –

If you’ve not been to one of these teaching days before this is the perfect session to try it out!

In the heart of London.

London Skyline

Just £12.50 for an exceptional day of teaching…

…to change the head, the heart and the hand!

Doors open from 9:30 for coffee and refreshments. The Character stream will kick off around 10am.

head-heart-hands-conceptCharacter Stream:

At the start of the year we will revisit the emotional roots and experiences that have shaped our behaviour styles. We will see how modern psychology is discovering a view of the human condition that is remarkably in tune with the Bible’s wisdom for the heart.

Wisdom Stream:

Jesus is the Wisdom of God made flesh (Proverbs 8:12-22). At the heart of our growth in Wisdom is our ability to see Jesus in “all the scriptures”. So on this first session of the year we will pass on an overview and tools to aid a Christo-centric and Christo-telic understanding of the Bible. Interactively overviewing Genesis to Malachi for the image of God’s son.

Favour Stream:

Have you seen the shape of your life so far? do you have a sense of the life He has planned for you. Walking humbly and cooperatively with that plan is the key to walking in favour. So on this first session we will look to sort the prophetic wheat from the chaff… and to act in faith on the Holy Spirit’s leading.

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