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… for those following Jesus with heart, head and hand.

Three Saturdays a term in the heart of London.

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(free parking at weekends)


Each teaching day is open to one-off visitors, but there are benefits if you commit to the whole year or even  a term at a time. See below for how the day is structured…



Christ in us and us in Christ: The circumference and the centre of scripture; the focus and the fringe of our faith…

Free parking at weekends! Please note parking meter places are free on Saturdays … BUT resident parking is not! Please check signs when parking.

Multiple teaching styles are used throughout the day: lecture style, modelling, group and individual exercises, prayerful meditation etc.

The Jesus Centred Life is made up of 9 full day sessions per year, split across the three academic terms…

… Each session will cover three growth dimensions, Wisdom, Character and Favour.

Participation is kept to a size that allows one-to-one quality instruction to happen.

Just £12.50 or less for day of inspired and detailed teaching. **Book Now**

Become part of a community being supported as they grow into leadership roles, both formal and informal.

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The What? and Why? of the Jesus Centred Life Course!

Over two millennia Christianity has expressed itself in different forms and institutions, the one thing they all have in common is the centrality of the life of Jesus, the full Word (or message) of the Creator made flesh and knowable by and in His creation.


The “Jesus Centred Life” is a series of teaching days to strengthen Christ in us and us in Christ:

The circumference and the centre, the focus and the fringe, of our faith.

The sessions will re-focus our perceptions of Jesus, in life; in the Bible; and in the world around us.

  • They will stretch our knowledge and understanding of the Man of History and Prophecy; and of the Christ over all Creation.
  • They will help us apply Jesus’ mission and message to all spheres of personal, community, civic and social life.
  • Run over three monthly Saturdays per academic term The Jesus Centred Life will reflect the dimensions of Jesus’ own growth from child to adult in the three threads described in Luke 2:52 – Wisdom, Character and Favour!
  • The Wisdom Thread: Jesus can be found on almost every single page of the Bible, both Old and New Testaments, in hidden words and Hebrew spellings, in prophecies and types, in people and events and in the meta-narratives and themes of sub-sections and books. Each month the main morning session will draw on material from The Jesus Centred Bible Project to show us The Word in the Word.
  • The Character Thread: Christ in you will change you. Month by Month those that have signed on for the term or the year will work through the HeartLife model and programme for inner transformation in a closed and more private session (see below) with Christen Forster.
  • The Favour Thread: Favour is the fruit of grace on a life in step with the commission on it, so the favour thread will look at the application of Jesus’ mission and message to all spheres of personal, community, civic and social life with space to explore our own calling and response to each sphere. exploring how we can engage the Pre-Christian, post-Christian and even anti-Christian cultures with both grace and truth.
The Jesus Centred Life is made up of 9 full day sessions per year split across the three academic terms. Each year the curriculum will follow a similar pattern but with slightly modified sessions allowing participants to add layer on layer to their understanding. Each session can be booked individually, either online or on the door but we really want to build with a core group of participants, the HeartLife programme builds towards a 32 page personalised report so obviously those who attend the majority of these sessions will get the best benefit from the report. (NB: The HeartLife programme can be started at the beginning of any term as the sessions will roll over from year to year).
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