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A big thank you to all those that fed back on the contents of our pilot On-line Bible study…or for a personal invite click here! If you’ve registered interest already then you should be receiving more details soon i.e precise start date, broadcast times etc… but here I just wanted flag the main outcomes, the survey was pretty evenly matched… if I let it run longer the result might have changed, but we have to draw a line somewhere. Here is the result!

1. Should we start our J-COBS pilot with Ruth or Jonah ?
Ruth 51.7%
 Jonah  48.3%

So Ruth it is!

But the result was so close we will follow up the Ruth study very quickly with Jonah! (it should be around March). We will aim for a study period of 35 minutes, broadcast at a selection of times each day for a week, before we move on to the next installment… there will be more details via email to those that have registered interest.

While being broadcast we are working on ways to allow feedback and two way participation,

Anyway, below are the comments on content  fed back so far relating to Ruth… if you raised a comment on Jonah, don’t worry it has been recorded for future reference.

Questions/Comments on Content to be covered by the Ruth Bible Study. (left exactly as asked).

  • What is a kinsman redeemer?
  • Its quite a story in the context of the lineage of Jesus – it would be interesting to explore in some depth
  • I feel that the Lord is restoring romance to the body of Christ. I also feel that the Lord is particularly speaking to me of how important it is that women come under the Lord’s protection and care and that this is also the model for the role of a husband. The book of Ruth is symbolic of both these points. Important for singles and those who are married (defining the biblical roles of men and women).
  • Lots of questions on how God’s sees all nations in both books but this is especially true in Jonah.
  • I simply love the book, so much my second daughter is called Ana Ruth. I think is an amazing story of God´s love and faithfulness.
  • I’m just fascinated with Ruth’s story!
  • All female Bible study
  • No strong preference re Ruth or Jonah.
    It would help looking at the customs of Ruth’s day
  • I’ve always felt romance was almost ‘unchristian’, which is clearly not the case. I want to know how God sees romance.
  • Believe it tells many stories and gives principles in the one book.

If you’ve not yet registered interest in this on-line Bible Study please do so with the form below and you will be sent more information.

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