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Hope in Egypt – Ram and Amminadab

We have been processing through how Jesus' ancestors produced an incredible prediction of Jesus' actions and meaning, and in the ...
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Jesus in Exodus Quiz

Test your knowledge of how Jesus appears in the Exodus. Not so much prophecy, but His name does appear and ...
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Jesus leads the people through the Red Sea and they sing “He is risen risen!”

In Exodus 14, the people are between a rock and a hard place, or more literally they are between Pharaoh's ...
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Moses and the prophet like him!

Both the Old and New Testaments spell out that there is a typological connection between Moses and Jesus. So Moses ...
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The Apostle Sending Saviour in the Burning Bush.

In Luke 11:49,  referring backwards to Israels history, Jesus says: "And so the Wisdom of God says: 'I will send ...
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A Three-dimensional view of the Cross in the Foundations of the Priesthood

The First five books of the Bible are collectively referred to as the Torah by Jewish communities and as the ...
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