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Why not get some radically different teaching going near you?

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We are always looking for ways of getting this teaching out in different formats and in different places. 

From September 2016, there will be regular schools and courses in…

Details about all four locations will be up online in a few days time, so please pop back and check out schedules, venues, dates and times. And while you wait…

We are currently training teachers and looking for new locations that would like to host teaching sessions from no-cost to low-cost. So we would love to hear from you where ever you are if you are interested in partnering with us.  [sg_popup id=6]So why not message us and lets talk about possibilities[/sg_popup].


EHouse - Cookham(small)

Elizabeth House, Station Rd, Cookham, SL6 9BS is a minutes walk from Cookham Station and has ample parking.

The Cookham sessions are scheduled weekly for 10 weeks a term on Thursday evenings from 7:30 at Elizabeth House in Cookham. As Christen’s base location, Cookham is the place we capture the core teaching to be broadcast weekly as part of Jesus Centred Online.

Sessions are free to attend and open to all (participants are encouraged to make a small donation to help cover the venue costs and buy the speaker a coffee).

From September 2016, Christen will start teaching through every event in Jesus life in harmonized order exploring the reasons for differences in each Gospel as well as the Old Testament and historical context. This is a large undertaking, and so each half term will have it’s own theme and each theme will be broken into sets of related weeks. In this way individuals and groups can plan to join in for a particular run of weeks covering a season in Jesus’ life and ministry.  Each week is made up of two parts with a coffee break in the middle. Subscribers can of course access all available weeks at any time.

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Miracle House, 2a Silva Island Way, Wickford Essex, SS12 9NR Is home of New Life Church, who are partnering with us in this school.

A complete Saturday school meeting 9 times (roughly once a month) over the academic year 2016/17.

Jesus Centre Life: Essex is based at Miracle House, Wickford. The school will follow the same type of core material covered in the main Westminster/London school. See the JCL: Essex page for full details, dates and times!


Running one Sunday evening a month at Hillingdon Park Baptist Church (25 Hercies Rd, Hillingdon, UB10 9LS) from September 2016 to July 2017. Covering the shape of Jesus Life in chronological and harmonised order.


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Running one Sunday evening a month at Kings Church Wokingham (9-11 Station Rd, Wokingham, RG40 2AD) from September 2016 to July 2017. Covering the shape of Jesus Life in chronological and harmonised order.


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