Sevens and full promises waiting for fulfillment


magnifyingglass 2I was teaching the introduction to Jesus in the Old Testament last night and afterwards someone started to quiz me on why the number seven was important and how it related to Jesus. Which was fascinating because I’ve just written this up for “Jesus in the Beginning”.. after all the significance of seven makes itself felt from chapter 1 of the Bible but is still being used in Revelation.

I won’t reproduce everything here but flag the solution is found in the connection of the number 7 to contractual completeness, but not to the fulfillment of that contract… There is a quality of seven-ness to areas of promise in the Old Testament, seven days, seven sacrifices, seven lamps on the menora etc . Things that come in sevens tend to represent the full promise of God through a particular medium, but a full promise is not the same as a fulfilled promise!

Jesus is the “yes” and “amen” of every promise from God… in the New Testament we find Jesus more associated with the number “8” .. even his name enumerates to “888” in the Greek system of turning a name into a number…

Thats all I have time for today… but in the mini-book we explore in greater detail why seven is a full promise and why eight is a fulfilled promise.

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