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The New Testament starts with the words: “The book of generations….” Matthew 1:1, which in Greek reads “The book of Genesis…” The Greek title of the first book of the whole Bible.

All four of the Gospels draw on the Creation account and structure in their opening verses John even starts with exactly the same opening words as Genesis… “In the beginning…”. In fact the relationship between John’s writings and the first 11 chapters makes up a sizeable section of the mini-book “Jesus in the Beginning”.

seven-daysBut for now I just want to highlight something from Mark’s Gospel. In Genesis 1, there are 7 days, each day transitions with the phrase “an evening and a morning” Now Marks gospel contains seven literary (rather than actual) days each of which ends with an evening and the next day starts with a morning.. the whole gospel is structured around 7 days of new creation. Jesus finishes his work on day six and rests in the grave on day seven just as God did in creation… but unlike the creation account, the seventh day ends and a new day starts, day eight… Jesus is resurrected and this eighth day doesn’t finish.

The old creation is complete the new creation has begun.

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