Absalom, a son of David and a type of Christ.


absaloms-hair-caught-in-the-oak-treeThere are many folks who will tell you a type of Christ is only a type of Christ if the Bible explicitly tells you it is. I don’t share this view, the Bible shows us there is legitimacy in seeing Jesus prefigured in the lives of others and as far as I am concerned if you see Jesus there you see Him there, regardless of whether Peter or Paul etc explicitly draws your attention to it or not…

So here is an interesting one… As a favoured son of David, Absalom prefigured Jesus despite being a villain, look at the points of co-incidence.ladder 2

2 Samuel 3:1-3Both were a "Son of David"
Matthew 1:1
2 Samuel 14:25
Both where "without blemish", Absalom physically, Jesus Spiritually.1 Peter 1:19
2 Samuel 18:9-15Both rode on a mule just before they died.Matt 21:1-9
They died hanging from a tree...Acts 5:30
lifted between heaven and earth...(drawing people to them)John 12:32
...their hair entangled with branches..Matthew 27:29, Mark 15:17, John 19:2.
2 Samuel 18:14
Pierced in the side through to the heart.John 19:34
2 Samuel 18:25-26
Their death's where both proclaimed as "Good News"1 Corinthians 1:17

Despite Absalom’s total moral failure, it seems that as a favoured Son of David, the Holy Spirit just had to inspire the Old Testament writers and editors use record his life story in ways that dropped clues the coming beloved Son with blemish.

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