Predictive, Ecstatic and Formative

mouth 2There are over 300 direct regularly recognised prophecies relating to Jesus in the Old Testament. But that is just the start of it, in additions there are hidden prophecies, in people’s names and in the Hebrew Text; The experience of the Cross creeps into peoples prayers and worship; and there are prophecies that are more formative for Jesus, passages that would have spoken to Jesus to give him direction and shape his decisions at key moments of his earthly life.

I’ve not seen too much written about these, and they often take a bit of time to lay out and explain. But I hope to get some examples posted here, so keep an eye out for them . In the meantime find all the most recent posts on Jesus and Prophecy here.

Psalm 2 – Partners teaching

This is my first attempt at teaching online... technically it's a bit clunky but I'm still learning... These online teaching ...
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Victories to the king, loyalty for the Messiah in Psalm 18

I've decided I ought to run a mini series on the 8 Messianic Psalms, the ones where the Messiah is ...
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Hope in Egypt – Ram and Amminadab

We have been processing through how Jesus' ancestors produced an incredible prediction of Jesus' actions and meaning, and in the ...
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Jesus the Holy One of Israel in the midst of Isaiah 12

I have to confess I keep putting off writing posts based on the big books, Psalms, Isaiah and Jeremiah... mostly ...
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Judah, Perez, Hezron and salvation by faith.

This post will bring the series I have been posting on the prophetic implications of Jesus Ancestor’s names right up ...
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Jesus in Abram, Isaac and Jacob

OK the title is a bit misleading, as I'm only considering the names "Abram", "Isaac" and "Jacob"... their stories make ...
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Some extra thoughts on Terach and his family.

Ok we are slowly getting there, this is post six in the series (see the first here) ... by the ...
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Qualities of Jesus in his ancestors names – part 1

This is the fifth in the series of posts unpacking the prophecy of Jesus hidden in the names of his ...
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The Fame of the Healer

This is the fourth installment in the post series on the prophecies hidden in the names of Jesus' ancestors. In ...
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Judgement or Grace, the prophecy hidden in Enoch’s heirs.

This post is part of a series, see Jesus' life in his ancestors and The glory descends. In these last ...
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The Glory of God descends to dedicate a teacher.

(This is a follow up post to Jesus life in his ancestors). In the last post we explored a couple ...
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Jesus life in his ancestors: God to Kenan

It was way back when I first noticed that if you translated the names of Jesus' ancestors you got descriptions ...
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Jesus in “in the beginning”, – a son made desolate!

I've just spotted this... I've had a hunch for a while that I would spot more in Genesis 1:1 than ...
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The first prophecy in the Bible

In chapter three of Genesis, God makes a statement heard both by humanity and the demonic powers: " I will ...
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Signs on the Earth and in The Sky.

One of the things people most enjoy when I'm teaching through the Gospels are the ways in which apparent contradictions ...
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