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Live the Life -Online 2017-18

Keep coming back to this page for information and booking … as this online course is still shaping up!

Initially, the “Live the Life” course will be offered live via the web through a local hub. Local hubs will administer notes and other resources, and allow live interaction for questions and discussions.

About a month after the live session, the recording of the webinar will be released for personal subscribers. To be viewed at their convenience.

Live the Life online consists of the nine monthly Saturdays spread across the academic terms with three sessions per term. Watch out for news on the Passion week walk through near Easter!

Dates for the year are: 07 Oct 2017, 11 Nov 2017, 02 Dec 2107, 27 Jan 2018, 24 Feb 2018,Passion Week Walkthrough-Watch this space!, 28 April 2018, 19 May 2018, 9 June 2018, 7 July 2018.

On the nine regular Saturdays:

We will explore every phase of Jesus’ life from pre-birth to ascension. The Gospel accounts will be harmonised and fitted into the events of secular history to build a compelling story that draws on the prophetic, social and historical context of Jesus’ life. The session notes will build together into an invaluable resource. Descriptions, details and some video overview are listed below.


Session Details

07 Oct 2017  1

The Witnesses and the Early Church Community.

This session sets up the way in which we will integrate material, highlighting the eyewitness credentials in all four gospels, and the testimony of the Early Church to the authors and their perspectives. We will give this perspective precedence over modern theories, so need to explore how modern research is bringing the traditional view back into consideration.

11 Nov 2017
The Gospels get written.

Building on the evidence presented in the first session we will fit the development of the Gospels into the story and history of Acts. This is a much earlier time frame than is often presented but it explains far more as we see the interplay of the Gospels with each other, with the rest of the New Testament, and with secular history.

02 Dec 2017   3

The Birth of Jesus and John the Baptist

The birth narratives will be matched with the testimony of secular history. To create a very real and vivid adventure, played out at the crossroads of the ancient world.

27 Jan 2018



The Chronology and Shape of Jesus’ ministry years.

Demonstrating the story in the meta-narrative, noting the changes in style and practice as Jesus’ ministry grows, multiplies and explodes before its climax in Jerusalem. Each phase of ministry will be explored in more detail in the following sessions.

24 Feb 2018



Jesus with John.

A more detailed look at the Baptism, early training and exploratory start to Jesus’ ministry before John’s arrest. A period of 9 mths to a year (mid 29 AD to mid 30 AD).

28 April 2018



Jesus around Galilee.

A more detailed look at the first phase and tours of Jesus’ Galilean based ministry before John the Baptist’s execution.

26 May 2018



Jesus’ Sermon’s.

Looking at the shape and content of Jesus early teaching, the Sermon on the Mount and on the Plain, the missions sermon, the Kingdom parables.

16 June 2018



Jesus’ Wider Ministry in the North.

Following controversy and John’s execution, Jesus’ ministry moves outside the town centres and the authority of Herod, but it remains in the north around Galilee.

14 July  2018



Jesus in the South.

All four Gospels refer to Jesus’ deliberate decision to focus the last 9 months of his ministry in Judea rather than Galilee. Here he sends out 72.  Jesus is constantly on the move. 

JCL Wisdom Curriculum 2017-2018

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