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Writing the JCB booklet is a part of a bigger project to create a translation of the Bible and a study Bible that expands and annotates the text to show Jesus from start to finish. Writing the mini-books is helping me shape up conventions for translating/expanding the text… it’s taking longer than I thought but I am going deeper into the Hebrew to verify what I am writing and as a result feel more confident in my choices…

Anyway… as an example… I’m going to translate the tetragrammaton “YHWH” as “Living-Promise” and “Elohim” as “multi-God”, you’ll find the reasoning for both choices  in “Jesus in the Beginning”. So the phrase “Lord God” will typically be “Living-Promise multi-God” in the JCB.

In additiCreation-handson, as I start releasing chunks of scripture I will expand a name with ideas that come from its uses and position in the landscape of the original Semitic Hebrew language.

So, for instance, the fully expanded “YHWH” might appears as: “Living-Promise(Lord){look-at-the-hand-see-the-nail}”. The round bracketed (Lord) reflects the interpretation applied to YHWH by the Greek Language Septuagint Bible and the curly bracketed {look-at-the-hand-see-the-nail} reflects the expanded meanings hidden in the Hebrew pictograms of proto-siniatic.

{based on a post from the previous Blog}

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