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The  whole story of Jesus in prophetic, social and historical context.

Free, in-depth and complete! – Starting September 2016.
EHouse - Cookham(small)

Elizabeth House, Station Rd, Cookham, SL6 9BS is a minutes walk from Cookham Station and has ample parking.

Explore the colours and emotions as well as the meanings and implications of every event  in Jesus’ life, from eternity to ascension and. In harmonised and chronological order, and delivered in sections and subsections  so you can choose your level of participation. Sessions will be recorded and will become part of the Online download programme (£3/month), so you can catch-up at anytime and travel at your own pace.

Living the Life will run for 10 weeks a term on Thursday evenings from 7:30 at Elizabeth House in Cookham.

This is a large undertaking, and so each half term will have it’s own theme and each theme will be broken into sets of related weeks. In this way individuals and groups can plan to join in for a particular run of weeks covering a season in Jesus’ life and ministry.  Each week is made up of two parts with a coffee break in the middle. Subscribers can of course access all available weeks at any time.

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Sessions are free to attend and open to all (participants are encouraged to make a donation to cover the venue costs and support Christen’s work as a Bible teacher).

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