JC-OBS Ruth Chapter 3


Book in for Ruth session 3:

If you’ve not yet watch the first seminar in this series, you should probably view the original invitation and check out the next available broadcast dates for chapter 1 first (click the link).

Otherwise…watch the video below and register to take part in session 2.

PS… there is nothing to stop you starting with session two if you really want to!

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  1. Selecting ‘Watch yesterdays webinar replay Now!’ doesn’t work for me? I also couldn’t donate using the ‘buy me a coffee’ feature. I’m using Firefox with some some of the addins (plugins) configured to ask before initiating to avoid issues, no problems on the initial webinar. I’m sure I’ll find my my way around these eventually and post solutions if applicable 🙂 .

    1. Yes three people have flagged a problem with Firefox… not sure why… if you have another browser please use it while we investigate. Christen

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